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We meet our new boy Yuto in a park, and find that he’s up for getting together with Fuji, a handsome top around the same age. At first giggly and a bit awkward, once they strip down and Yuto gets a taste of Fuji’s already stiff cock his natural instincts take over. His shiny black hair falls down in his face as he greedily stuffs his mouth with delicious young dick. Fuji likes what he sees and tastes as well, and the two young college guys rim and 69 to get to know each others’ smooth lean bodies. Yuto rolls back and lifts his legs so Fuji can dive in to flick his nimble tongue across sensitive asshole. Tongue is followed by a pair or three fingers to open him up, then Fuji fills the new boy with smooth hard cock. He plows into Yuto’s eager butt and lets him ride and grind his ass onto Fuji’s stiff woody. Hot deep penetration has both guys at their peak, and Fuji is the first to splatter creamy satisfaction over Yuto. Ever the gentleman, Fuji deftly beats off his new boys’s cock as Yuto’s ass is still quivering from a first hot fuck together.

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Date: décembre 17, 2020

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